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The Catholic Liberalist and The Liberal Catholic Digest served their readers well over many years but now their work is continued by the many blogs and social media pages by our clergy, members and followers. Please remember that the views expressed on such blogs and social media are those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the overall membership of the church nor official church policy.

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There are many other groups set up by our churches, and while they are not 'official' church groups, they are worth visiting nonetheless.

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There are several books and writings published variously by clergy of OCAC and associated bodies.
Bishop Elaine Glover (of CDM) - Don't Take Care, Take Risks published by Austin MacAuley
Bishop Elaine Glover (of CDM ) - God's Lent Child
Bishop Elaine Glover (of CDM) - From Baghdad to Suna Migori
Fr Mariem Bemi - La Theologie Africain entre L'inculturation et la Liberation.
Fr Peter Ulofu - The Old Catholics, Now that I know.
Bishop Charles Leadbeater - The Science of the Sacraments.