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Press Release about OCAC's 2024 UK synod in July

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Our UK Synod will be held in Bolton, Greater Manchester in July. Please pray for the preparation and candidates as well as those organising and hosting our 3-day event.
Meanwhile, here's some pictures from OCAC's UK Auxiliary Synod held in Exeter February 2024:

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L-R: Revd David Lindsay, Fr Lee Edworthy, Bishop Adrian, Bishop Elaine of the Cross Denominational Mission, Fr David Knipe, Revd. Ken Thomas & Fr Alan Hawley

Ordinations at Exeter Feb 2024Fr David Knipe, Fr Lee Edworthy & Bishop Adrian

Fr Lee Edworthy & Bishop Adrian

Bishop Elaine of the Cross Denominational Mission street preaching outside Exeter Central

Revd Ken Thomas with Bishop Adrian

Fr Alan Hawley and Bishop Adrian

Revd Dr Christina Loughran represented OCAC at the Exeter Cathedral Moon Exhibit

OCAC Auxiliary Synod Exeter 2024 - ordinations

Revd Dr Christina Loughran & Bishop Adrian

Bishop Adrian & Bishop Elaine went to the Riverside Church (Assemblies of God) for worship on the Sunday before driving home.

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