Old Catholic Apostolic Church

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Interested in joining us? Clergy wishing to join us, or candidates for ministry click here.  
Alternatively search for Old catholic Apostolic Church on Facebook, we have numerous groups and church pages there.

You can find contact details for our clergy, churches and oratories in the Directory....and for our religious orders and societies here. We have provinces, dioceses and parishes/missions throughout the world. Please contact our church nearest to you in the first instance, otherwise contact our headquarters via our website and your message will be relayed to our nearest clergy who will return your call.
If you are unsure, email ocac.office@liberalcatholics.uk and it will be forwarded to our church nearest to you.

Contact Details

Prospective Members and Ordinands

If your enquiry is about membership, ordination or incardination, please email ocac.office@liberalcatholics.uk Alternatively contact any of our church groups on Facebook.

Cross Denominational Mission

If your enquiry is about our ecumenical mission please email cdm@liberalcatholics.co.uk

Independent Catholic Churches Council

If your enquiry is about joining this council, which is supported by this church for the general good of Independent Catholic Churches, please email iccc@liberalcatholics.co.uk

Independent Liberal Catholic Fellowship

If your enquiry is about joining this fellowship, which is administered by this church for the general good of Independent Catholics, please email ilcf@liberalcatholics.co.uk

United Free Catholic Bishops Conference

If your enquiry is about joining this group, which is administered by this church for the benefit of Catholic Bishops who are not overseen by the Roman Catholic Church, please email ufcbc@liberalcatholics.co.uk

Church Office

All other enquiries should use ocac.office@liberalcatholics.uk

Administrative headquarters for the Church

The Old Catholic Apostolic Church,
7  Tree Hamlets
UPTON, Dorset. BH16 5SA
England, United Kingdom
(This is a postal address: there is no facility to accept visitors)

The Old Catholic Apostolic Church is a not for profit corporation registered in England and Wales No. 07221223. Certificate of Incorporation.