From Baghdad to Suna Migori   From Baghdad to Suna Migori

  by Elaine Waterfield


Elaine's book is a testimony of how God took a drunkard and a broken person and made her into the Daughter of a King. After twenty years of being a backslider God used her manager of a Christian bookshop who was a rabbi of a Messianic Church
to lead her back to faith. With wisdom, knowledge and ideas which could have only been from God, Elaine was soon to begin a journey with the Lord that is truly an inspirational, un-believable and miraculous certainly not for the faint hearted.
One day her cry in her heart was "Is this all you have for me God?"
The answer is in this book....
The author with Sir Matt Baggott who wrote the coverpiece

Matt Baggott a retired Chief of Police in Leicestershire and Northern Ireland, now working to fight slavery worldwide....
'I have had the privilege of knowing Elaine now for over a decade, during which time her courage, compassion and faith has amazed and inspired me. Her story is not one of an easy life, but of challenges and a commitment to God that has both overcome adversity and witnessed of a God who is real, loving and awesome. Elaine is a remarkable person whose journey in faith has profoundly changed the lives of many.'

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Or ask your book store for it, ISBN 9781533471918

Also by this Author: God's Lent Chi
ld, ISBN 9780805991932

Gods Lent Child
The Author, Revd. Elaine Waterfield with her book 'From Baghdad to Suni Migori'
Elaine wrote God's Lent Child in her maiden name Merriken, and From Baghdad to Suna Migori in her married name Waterfield. Following the death of her husband she has since remarried.