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As a small church, it would be mis-leading to suggest that OCAC (and her constituent predecessor and successor churches) could recognise as Saints those faithful of her number - and associates -  that have now passed over, yet have made a significant contribution to the succession and work of Christ's church presently called the Old Catholic Apostolic Church. Being believers in the 'eternal life' we believe that these people still act - albeit in a different way - exercising obedience to Christ's calling to serve and contribute therefore to the overall work of God's Kingdom. And so we recognise the following people; as having made a significant contribution to our work whilst alive: and now continuing their serving in God's presence. Some will not even have known in their mortal lives; that they have played a significant role in the growth of Christendom through OCAC worldwide...indeed universally. It is no co-incidence that many of these people have been connected with principal people in our church and that some of those connections are spiritual. We pray that they will continue. So in addition to Jesus and the Apostles and those in succession after them, these people deserve to be saints.....Monsignor Anthony Guadialardo

Monsignor Anthony Guadaliardo (d. 2011)    Msgr. Tony was a former RC priest who joined the then LCAC to continue his serving after forming a relationship with a former childhood sweetheart (after many, many years of being an RC priest). Msgr Tony helped us to form our church in North America and was the first to lead the US vicariate. He died after surgery on his leg. It is difficult to exagerate how much of a contribution he made.

Bishop Mark LeavallBishop Mark Leavell (1962 - 2013)    Bishop Mark was never a direct member of OCAC, but he helped us hugely in North America when we did not have a bishop of our own.  He responded to our cause with fervour and enthusiasam, he always prayed for, and took interest in our work.  Bishop Mark also served in the United Free Catholic Bishops Conference.

Bishop Louise Lombard ( - 2020) Bishop Louise was ordinary of OCAC's Diocese of Europe and also
The Late Bishop Louise LombardBishop of De Jonge Ritus (Young Rite) for many years. She was dearly passionate about her calling and served with dignity and humility. She was loved and respected by all who served alongside her. Tragically killed by an accident in late 2019, she passed to glory after several weeks in a coma.


Fr Laurenc Martin TSSF OSFCFr Martin Laurence OSFC (d. 28/05/2020). Fr Laurence led the Franciscan order of the church: The Order of Sts Francis & Clare as well as serving in OCAC's All Souls Metropolitan Parish (covering the London area). Passed to glory after a short illness that followed a considerable time of health struggle, he led the work in his charge with dignity, conscienteousness and a touch of humour.

Bishop James Ingall WedgwoodBishop Charles Webster Leadbeater (1854 - 1934), Bishop James Ingall Wedgwood (1883 - 1951). Very important founders of the Liberal Catholic Movement. Their work laid the foundations for the bodies which would spawn OCAC and their presence in our Succession is cherished by us all.

Bishop Nicholson Bishop Harold Percival Nicholson (1905 - 1968) of the Ancient Catholic Church. Bishop Harold was called by God in 1939 to do exactly what the Church of England should have done: he created a space at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, Clapton, where the sacraments were celebrated with all due beauty and decorum, as one might expect, but at the same time he created a space for the exercise of healing both of people and their pets.

William Oliver HutchinsonWilliam Oliver Hutchinson (1864 - 1928), Founder of the Apostolic Faith Church. Hutchinson founded AFC in Bournemouth; Bishop Adrian's home town; after a conversion experience at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, S. London, the church where Bishop Adrian's ancestors worshipped. Indeed they were there on that day. Bishop Adrian would later become a pastor of AFC and complete the connection started in 1907. There was a division in the Apostolic Church and the work later was centred on two places, the second being Pen-y-Groes in Wales. The Cross Denominational Mission and OCAC's Welsh diocese Dynod & Whledig both have close connections witn Pen-y Groes.
Bishop Johannes & Bishop (then Fr) AdrianBishop Johannes van Alphen in 1995, BournemouthBishop Johannes Cornelius van Alphen (1925 - 2009), Presiding Bishop of the Liberal Catholic Church. One of the pillars of the Liberal Catholic movement, who spent many hours counselling and guiding Bishop Adrian into the position of being able to lead the church today.

Bishop Eric TaylorBishop Eric Sollick Taylor (1918-1995), Presiding Bishop LCC in the UK, notable servant of the House of Commons (Clerk to the Journals). Seat at All Saints Putney, London. Like +Johannes above, Bishop Eric gave considerable guidance to Bishop Adrian ...and +Adrian still uses daily the copy of the liturgy 'Liberal Rite' that Bishop Eric gave him. +Eric asked Bishop Adrian to join LCC...but he joined AFC instead - for 10 years before joining the LCAC (later OCAC).

W. Charles Young.  (d. 1998)  Charles was the Methodist Local Preacher's Secretary where Bishop Adrian (then a Methodist preacher) studied and served.  He would never have even heard of OCAC. He guided and offered advice - as he always did - in humour and with love by example. A chemist and a wonderful loving man....and what a sense of humour!Bill Lock. (1923 ? - 1999) Bill organised a plan of preachers who would take services in rural methodist churches who had difficulty filling their pulpits...and Bishop Adrian (then a methodist preacher) ended up taking 3 services most Sundays! This was the model for, and the inspiration for the Cross Denominational Mission which built on this and supplied preachers to any church of any denomination who asked.

Liberal Catholic Clergy 1949This picture is of Liberal Catholic Clergy in 1949:
LCC General Synod at High Leigh, 1949. Left to right: back row: Ted W. Shepherd; unknown; The Very Rev. Harry G. Farrow; Dr. Eric Taylor (later to be Bishop Taylor - see above). front row: Alban Cockerham; Hockmeyer+; Marsh+; Presiding Bishop Frank W. Pigott; Nevin Drinkwater; Sir Hugh Sykes, Bt. Photo supplied by Richard Hadingham.

If you have reason to believe that any one of our past members or associates no longer with us, should be in this list please send us a message with as much detail as possible and the College of Bishops will be honoured to consider them.