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Revd Adrian WhelanRevd. Fr. Adrian Whelan                      revd.whelan@liberalcatholics.uk

Fr. Whelan lives and serves in Scarborough, on the East Coast. He is prospective to serve in the health service as a chaplain and he was ordained sub deacon in May 2018 in an Old Catholic Church, and joined OCAC by incardination to continue his serving and formation. Coming from a Roman Catholic background Father Whelan completed his formation and was ordained to the diaconate and then the priesthood by Bishop Adrian. He also serves in the Canons Regular of Christ Crucified, a religious order of OCAC.
Revd Adrian Whelan - Companions of Christ CrucifiFr Whelan CRCC

Fr Whelan's oratory is dedicated to the Holy Trinity, whose altar is shown below:Oratory of the Holy Trinity