OCAC Europe
Bishop Ulrich Schwab
Bishop Ulrich Schwab - OCAC  Europe (Germany)Ulrich incardinated into OCAC from an Apostolic Catholic Church and was ordained in September 2022

He is retired and helps in a facility for the disabled as a specialist carer and as a pastor in geriatric and nursing care as well as in emergency pastoral care. He also offers public and home services. People are very important to him and he proclaims God's message wherever it is needed.

Bishop Ulrich Schwab Th D.Bishop Ulrich says 'I travel a lot to celebrate church services in the homes of believers, who are spread across two federal states. But it is worth taking the long distances because every home service, especially the family service, is always something very special. I also work as a pastor in geriatric care and in a facility for the disabled. In my work I particularly strive to help women and men who no longer feel at home or are excluded in their churches. These are couples who are divorced and remarried, couples who live together without a marriage certificate, or because of their sexual orientation. I want to give everyone a home in faith and be there for everyone when I am needed'.