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Missionaires_de_Saint_Famille_logoFraternite Sacerdotal de Missionnaires Ouvriers de la Saint Famille de Nazareth

This means 'Priestly Order of Workers of the Holy Family of Nazareth' in English. The order is french-speaking and based in Cameroun, Africa.
Organised as a religious order in 2008, they joined OCAC by incardination in January 2022 with their siege-social (seat) in Mefou and Afamba in Cameroun

With male and female members they promote a Christian culture and respect of God, development of their members and wider population and education in Christian faith and social action. There are missions in Kinshasa, Congo and in Haiti.

The order was founded by and is led by Msgr Joseph Marie Ndzomo
Msgr Joseph Marie NdzomoSaint Famille de NazarethOCAC_Cameroun_church

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Constitution of Saint Famille de Nazareth

Statement of Faith - Saint Famille de Nazareth