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Congregation of the Redmptorists of Julian of Norwich logoThe Redemptorists of Julian of Norwich

The Congregation of the Redemptorists of Julian of Norwich is a dispersed religious community of individuals living the secular state of life in the world who choose to commit themselves to the Congregation’s missionary charism and consecrated life.

The central purpose is to “follow the example of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer, by preaching the word of God to the poor, as he declared of
himself: ‘He sent me to preach the Good News to the poor’.”

We, as Redemptorists of Julian of Norwich are also dedicated in a special way to placing our Redemptorist charism at the service of our Mother Julian of Norwich, who was stirred in her charity to desire that all peoples should know the Revelations shown to her by our Lord for their consolation and encouragement, "In all this I was greatly stirred in charity to mine even Christians, that they might see and know the same that I saw: for I
would it were comfort to them." (Revelation Ch. 8).

While the Congregation’s Constitutions retain the right of the Congregation’s members to define their own government to protect the integrity of its charism and mission in the Church, the Congregation’s governing documents will always be structured to ensure complete adherence to Canons of the OCAC which treat religious life in the Church. Fr. Chris Sedlmeyer with Bishop Adrian holding the Redemptorist charter

The Congregation is open to men and women in the secular state who have been baptized and includes those in seminary training, clergy, and laity. Those who are members of other religious communities may be admitted to the Congregation with the approval of the Superior.

No candidate for membership will be rejected due to age, race, nationality, beliefs, sexual identify, disability, or political affiliation, as long as the candidate agrees with a liberal, inclusive, progressive Christian Church with apostolic serving within the Catholic charism.

Superior: Fr Christopher Sedlmeyer

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