Old Catholic Apostolic Church
Revd. Amma Margaret Watson - Bishop-elect
Revd Amma Margaret WatsonMargaret+ is an author living in South Yorkshire and serves in OCAC as Priest. After many years of serving in the Salvation Army and other churches she felt called to serve in the sacerdotal priesthood. She has a busy ministry with house groups and theological debates much centering around the role of women in the church. Amma Margaret is very involved with supporting the ordination of women and assists those who need advice or help with that.  She is also hard at work bringing those who are refugees to love the Lord, and works with refugees placed in Yorkshire. Very much the pastoral carer and writer of numerous books, she claims that during some services she needs an elastic house!

She has served the diocese of Mercia & Anglia as Episcopal Vicar since 2016 and a group of members proposed that she be formalised to lead the diocese as bishop in June 2020.

The protocol of election is here.
Revd. Amma Margaret Watson