Old Catholic Apostolic Church
Revd. Chris McAuley
Revd. Chris McAuleyPriest. Chris was ordained in the Lutheran Church and also has a doctorate in theology. He has an interest in bringing faith to those who are often marginalised by churches and society. Chris joined by incardination to help us increase our presence in Northern Ireland which he did for some while but now lives in Canada.
Chris has a heart for those who feel marginalised by traditional understanding of some Christian denominations and seeks to show them that they have a place in the church and that they are cared for and loved by God.

Chris works in digital media and the computer gaming industry, an area of creativity which has many influences. It is a difficult area for an openly Christian person, let alone a priest, and Chris works to bring the Bible and Christ into that 'space'. The projects that he is working on in the industry are frame colouring for Dr Who and Judge Dredd. Chris serves OCAC alongside Utomik, EA, Bioware (gaming sector), Marvel, Geek Syndicate, 2000AD and Titan Comics (book sector). Chris's bishop, Bishop Adrian says: "Many young people engage with the games and digital media; they need to hear that Jesus is not dull, nor irrelevant - even though they will think so at first. Chris is that bridge, and OCAC will be anywhere we need to be so that Jesus Name be praised". Christ said: " Be in the world, but not of the world".  This is so relevant in the work of the church.
Example of Revd Chris McAuley's work