Independent Catholic Churches Council

Members of ICCC

The Independent Catholic Churches Council
is an organisation for the promotion of co-operation between Independent Catholic and Free Catholic Churches and the basis of our agreement is the Anglican/Old Catholic Bonn Agreement of 1931.

The Council meets quarterly by electronic means, and annually at a suitable venue. The members are in regular contact in the course of their work as clergy of their churches. Within the council are many years of experience and a considerable resource of knowledge. Advice and expertise are available freely to member churches.

Members of ICCC

The Rt Revd. Adrian S. Glover - Permanent General Secretary
The Rt Revd. Charles Mugleston - Council Member
The Rt Revd. Emir Salihovic - Ecclesia Gnostica
The Rt Revd. Mark Elliott Newman - Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch
The Rt Revd. Leon Hunt - Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch, UK
The Rt Revd. Paul Zimmerman, Australian Old Catholic Church
The Rt Revd. Fotios Karakousis, Liberal Catholic Church Eastern Rite, Greece
The Late Rt Revd. Mark Leaval - United Free Catholic Church
The Rt Revd Louise Lombard - De Jonge Rite

Churches affiliated to the ICCC
How does a Church join or express an interest? A representative should express an interest to find out more by email in first instance

The General Secretary of the Independent Catholic Churches Council