Old Catholic Apostolic Church

Guadeloupe (French Antilles)

Revd. Fr. Andre Angol                                  pere.angol@oldcatholicapostolicchurch.com
Revd. Pere Andre Angol - OCAC Guadeloupe, CarribeanRevd. Fr. (Joseph) Andre Angol OCAC CarribeanPere Andre serves in the Carribean island of Guadeloupe. He incardinated into OCAC from the Free Anglican Communion where he served as priest. Ordained in the succession of the Petite Eglise Apostolique Vieille Catholique (Frs Stevinnistes of Belgium) in 2010 Fr Andre reaches out to the people in Guadeloupe as an Anglo-Catholic and is growing the ministry there by recruiting others to help and grow the chuch.

Upon joining OCAC, Bishop Adrian has accepted Fr Andre's election to the Episcopacy from his previous church and after a probationary period will elevate Fr Andre to be bishop-elect of OCAC Carribean.

Mission de Guadeloupe church 

Pere Angol's Incardination document is here.

Please join us in prayer supporting this work in the Carribean.