Old Catholic Apostolic Church-UK
Revd. Alyson Dunlop Shanes,  Deacon                        revdalyson.dunlopshanes@ocac.uk
Revd. Alyson Dunlop Shanes. Theologian and exorcist.Revd. Alyson is a theologian, writer, broadcaster and spiritual healer (exorcist).

She has a classics degree from the University of Glasgow and has an interest in supernatural religion, beliefs, and experiences.  She heads SPI Scotland, which researches anomalous events and theologically documents otherwise unexplained spiritual happenings. She has appeared on TV and radio discussing various spritual, religious and mystical subjects.  Alyson hosts and produces her own radio show, ADX-Files, and is an author of numerous titles and contributor to various podcasts. She is a theosophist.

Revd. Alyson was ordained deacon by Msgr. David Parry at St Valentines Hall in 2018. Her ministry is the theological study of the angelic and the gnostic as well as healing and wholeness in the Holy Spirit. She does healing by laying on of hands and by distance praying which she does freely, as she says: 'I consider it a gift from God, freely received and therefore it is freely given'.

Revd. Alyson Dunlop Shanes, with Msgr David Parry and Msgr Alan Cox Revd Alyson with Msgr David Parry and Msgr Alan Cox at St Valentines Hall.