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The Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Clergy serving in the dispersed Order of Our Lady of Carmel come from many places and denominations. Serving as Carmelite clergy of the Old Catholic Apostolic Church some serve in other denominations bi-vocationally.

The clergy and their serving is listed here.

Fr Seth Ben Archer, Superior CarmeliteFr Seth Ben Archer - superior. Priest of OCAC and leader of this order and of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Hull.

Fr Andrew Kennedy Rianga - Carmelite PriestFr Andrew Kennedy Rianga - Fr Andrew studied in the Orthodox Church, and was ordained in the Anglican Catholic Church. He has joined the OCAC Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel to further his serving.

Vanice Nyaboke Nyabuto - Novice CarmeliteVanice Nyaboke Nyabuto - Novice Cleric, Kenya. Vanice is studying more about the Carmelite charism.

Fr Julio Cesar Rivera Gonzalez - Carmelite PriestFr Julio Cesar Rivera Gonzales- Priest in the Carmelite Charism, San Bartolo, El Salvador

Ombongo Michael Mabogi - Novice CarmeliteOmbongo Michael Mabogi - Novice Cleric, Nyamarambe, Kenya

Diana Kerubo Barongo - Novicde ClericDiana Kerubo Barongo - Novice Cleric, Kenya. Diana is at Teacher Training College and shows great promise at the Ministry of the Word.

Samwel Momanyi Nyaboga - Novice ClericSamwel Momanyi Nyaboga - Novice Cleric

Jane Nyang'arisa - application pending

Fr Thomas Omwamba - Kenya   Revd. Thomas O Omwamba - Kenya