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Mark Brereton - in minor ordersMark is a freelance Graphic Designer having previously been a design lecturer at Staffordshire University Teaching Degree students Graphic Design as well as Fine Art courses.

He serves as a Chaplain in the prison service, has a Prayers & Healing Ministry with a Christian Healing Mission as well as The Desert Fathers Motorcycle Ministry. He has previously been a Chaplain with Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service.

His interests are Local History, Hiking & Walking, Gardening especially Growing Fruit and Vegetables and Cycling & Motorcycles. Mark views the itinerant preaching of John Wesley on horseback - the founder of Methodism - as a model for a motorcycle version of that today.

Mark says "Over the last 10 years I have been active in several different voluntary roles supporting people in times of need and crisis. From an Ambulance driver during lockdown and First Aider for the British Red Cross, to healing support worker within a children’s hospice, along with mentoring and pastoral care to university students. And so my personal ministry comes from my heart, the Godly heart and compassion of Jesus".

The Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, and End-of-Life Care form the focus of his ministry.