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Marco Baragli - OCAC Europe & UKMarco is currently a professor of philosophy and history at "Piccolomini" High School in Siena, Italy and has been a symbology tutor for St. John's College in Nottingham (UK).  As a teacher and trainer, he has led workshops for primary and secondary schools. He also participates in cultural life as an contributor writer, lecturer and director of short films. Marco is in formation for OCAC priesthood.

Marco Baragli serving as Acolyte in earlier years In 1996 Marco enrolled for a degree in Theology at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome. After discussing his thesis in sacred music he enrolled in 2000 for a degree in Philosophy, graduating in 2002.

Marco says "I love Theology very much because it makes me understand, through the interpretation of the Word, the will of God. While I was studying, I was an Episcopal liturgist for about nine years. At that time I was a Roman Catholic. In 1998, I started teaching Religious Education at school and for about 20 years I continued teaching it. In 2016, I was received into the Church of England during the Easter Vigil. The celebrant was Bishop Colciough of London. A few months later I was invited to London for the Enquirer Weekend on the recommendation of Father William Lister and admitted to a discernment period."

Marco had two placements in the Anglican church: one in Liss, Norfolk and the other in Newcastle upon Tyne. In 2017 he completed a Master's degree in Anglicanism at St John's college in Nottingham. There followed five years of serving in the Anglican parish of Florence. After this Marco became a Teacher of Philosophy.

Marco is also an accomplished musician:

Marco Baragli muscian and theologian Holding a degree in Transverse Flute at the "Rinaldo Franci" Conservatory in Siena, he also attended the specialization courses at the Chigiana Academy with flutiste Aurele Nicolet. I performs in concerts as a soloist, participates in orchestral technique courses, and is a music critic, jury panel member and choir director for both mixed and treble voices.

He has played in Italy and abroad: with the Orchestra da Camera of Tuscany, the Romanian State Orchestra of Bacau "Mihail Jora," the Orchestra del Mediterraneo of Palermo, the Moscow Philharmonic, and with various musical ensembles, such as trios, quartets, quintets, playing, among others, for the University of Georgia (U.S.A.) for the unveiling of the painting of the Madonna del Parto by Piero della Francesca and the left part of the Cycle of the True Cross in Arezzo.
In the past he has participated in the premiere of a composition by R. Fabbriciani entitled In Memoriam dedicated to the fallen in the Nazi massacre in Civitella in Valdichiana (Arezzo), the Jubilee Concerts in Rome and in the first review of Il sacro in musica organized by the Diocese of Arezzo. Also collaborating for the newspaper "Toscana Oggi" as a music critic, I published a book on Francesco Cordini, a 20th-century priest and composer from Arezzo (Italy).

He has performed in Novi Ligure (Alessandria) at the "Inaugural Concert of the Orchestra Nuovi Archi Novesi," premiering a piece by composer S. Fazzolari entitled Ave Maria for soprano, flute and orchestra, and on December 13, 2013 I played as first flute at the Stadt Casino in Basel
(Switzerland) performing Italian operatic pieces.

In 2017 on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the Conservatory of Palermo, Marco premiered two
pieces by R. Petralia entitled La notte (for flute, mezzo-soprano and orchestra) and Mi susu (for flute, orchestra and choir). He has played in an event entitled Dignity trough the Art: Music for Migrants organized by the British Institute of Florence, and with the Ensemble of the Conservatory of Trapani (Sicily) playing in the peace concert for the Ukrainian people, organized in Palermo's Anglican Church "Holy Cross".

On Coronation Day May 6, 2023, as a duo he played in the Crowns & Gowns Concert: Celebrating the Coronation of King Charles III in the Buckingham Palace’s Chapel in London.

More recently he opened the Bach Festival: Bach to Bach day in the Chesterfield Cathedral (UK).
He joined OCAC in April 2024