OCAC United States

Msgr Anthony Guadialardo, OCAC US founderThe Old Catholic Apostolic Church in the United States started in 2008, when the Late Monsignor Anthony Guadialardo (of blessed memory) joined our movement from the Roman Catholic Church. Having been an RC priest all his life, he left to express his serving in a liberal environment so he would be free to have a late life relationship with someone that he had known since childhood. It is difficult to express just how much he did for our church in creating the work which continues today, and which has seeded other churches on the way. After Msgr Tony's untimely death due to surgical complications, Bishop Jack Stafford took on the mantle and led our church in the US which quietly grew for a couple of years. Bishop Jack left to resume a maritime career and we appointed Monsignor Edmund Cass to lead our work in the US. There followed a period of considerable growth attributed in part to +Cass: other bishops and communions joined, and the Patriarch (Mar Trimlett) travelled to the US and consecrated Bishop Cass and others in 2012. In 2013 most of the church in the US broke away to form another church. Whilst disappointing, we know that if God is in it, it is a church seeding. 

Today, the work is the same as the first day when Msgr Tony started it off for us: to be a relevant Christian outreach church; a body of Christ that enables and empowers people to serve as they are called; relevant for today, yet with the benefit of heritage; alive because Christ lives in us; spiritually aware and keen to serve. We are small numbers in the US, and hoping for new people to join; could it be you?

Bishop ad tempus: The Patriarch, Bishop Adrian oversees this province.

Revd. Dr Clinton Bennett
Revd. Dr. Clinton BennettClinton is a Baptist Minister who joined the Old Catholic Apostolic Church by incardination in June 2022. He was on the Register of Nationally Accredited Ministers for the Baptist Church of Great Britain from 1979 when he served with the Baptist Missionary Society in Bangladesh as an accredited Baptist Minister before returning to the UK. He took up a pastorate at Highgate in 1985 until 1992 when he took up a post as lecturer at Westminster College, Oxford. This concluded in 1998 but he remained on the Baptist Union of Great Britain Accredited List until 2011 when he moved to the United States. He holds a BA in Theology (Manchester), MA and PhD (Birmingham) both in Islamic Studies and an M.Ed from University of Oxford in teaching and learning with a focus on adult education. Clinton has served as a Missionary in Bangladesh, 1979-1981. University Chaplain, 1985-1986, Staff member, British Council of Churches 1987-1991. College Assistant Chaplain, 1992-1996. He has also served on World Council of Churches committees. In worship ministry he was Associate Pastor of Highgate Baptist Church, Birmingham, England 1985 – 1992, and later co-Pastor of Clinton Avenue United Methodist Church, Kingston, New York state 2018-2022. He is currently a member of the National Council of Churches USA’s Interreligious Relations body. He is the author of numerous books and academic papers.

Revd. Dr Daniel Medina
Revd. Dr Daniel MedinaDaniel is a teacher in Miami, Florida. He was formerly priest in the Independent Catholic Church of America and joined the Old Catholic Apostolic Church by incardination in November 2022. Fluent in English and Spanish, Daniel is an artist who believes in the integration of art and faith - creativity and spirituality and that the world today needs Christ more than ever. He serves bi-vocationally as pastor at a United Church of Christ in his locality and brings Christ to the people in their circumstances and environment as they explore what Jesus means in their lives.

Robert Horwath
Rob Horwath - in Minor OrdersRob has studied at St Joseph's College, Maine gaining a BA in Theology; St Leo's University in Florida gaining an MA in theology as well as studies at Ave Maria University and the Sheldon Jackson College in Alaska. Having been part of several Catholic, Orthodox and Episcopal churches in various roles including Eucharistic Minister, Rob has joined OCAC to further his path to the priesthood. He is a member of the Order of Saints Francis and Clare describing the Franciscan charism as 'vital' to him as a catholic. His serving has included meals for the homeless and food distribution programs as well as in academic administration. He lives and serves in Ketchikan, Alaska. Brother Robert has the bishop's dispensation to wear the clerical collar in minor orders.

Revd. Arthur Martinson - 'Marti' - Deacon
Arthur Martinson - 'Marti' - DeaconMarti incardinated into OCAC from a liberal catholic church. Marti grew up in Texas and then spent 6 years in the US Navy. He lived in Washington DC for 24 years and participated in the LCCI and a Christian congregation in the Unitarian-Universalist Association. He completed the full course of study at St. Alban Seminary of the LCCI. He reads Compline each Saturday night in his St. Adalbert Oratory. He was ordained Deacon in July 2022. Link to St Adalberts Oratory is Here.

Rt. Revd. Terry Elkington

Rt. Revd. Terry Elkington
rior of the Benedictines after St Louis, Terry is a hospital visitor (chaplain) and visits the homebound. Mass is regularly celebrated in his small oratory and prayers regualrly offered for those in need.
The link to the Benedictine order, The Benedictines of the Holy Spirit is here.

Revd. Jason Vondenberger - Deacon
Jason Vonenberger - DeaconJason has a growing ministry in prisons and re-settlement organisations chaplaincy. Jason was ordained Deacon in July 2022. 

Bishop Ted Wooldridge Emeritus Bishop OCAC USA.
Bishop Ted WooldridgeBishop Ted was involved in the progress of the church in the United States for many years until bereavement and then ill health curtailed his serving. Originally from the UK, he served tirelessly and faithfully in OCAC USA until circumstances changed, and since then has been prayerfully holding us all before the Throne of Grace.

The Patriarch, Bishop Adrian Trimlett-Glover
Msgr. Anthony Guadialaro