Old Catholic Apostolic Church-UK
Msgr David William Parry                                            msgr.david@liberalcatholics.co.uk 
Msgr David William ParryMsgr. David Parry in Bute, Hebredies, Scotland.Msgr. David often refers to himself as a 'catholic pastor' as his ministry is centered around the pastoral care of his congregation which is called 'St. Valentine’s Hall'. As it happens, he trained in Pastoral Theology at Heythrop College, University of London, and pursues his love of sacred theatre through the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

St. Valentine’s Hall holds monthly hybrid services of worship alongside regular Holy Mass and Communion for those who identify as Old Catholics. Additionally, Msgr. Parry’s individual ministry welcomes LGBTQIA+ Christians, at the same time as people of faith, or no faith, who find such work valuable and are looking for a spiritual home. In this regard, he prays beside practicing Muslims and Jews, while being recognised as the Founder of a “religious oasis” by Metropolitan Community Church (MCC). Msgr David at OCAC Auxiliary Synod in Hull Sept 2023Msgr David ParryOverall, Msgr. Parry conducts marriages, blessings on same-sex partnerships, christenings, adult baptisms, child-naming, funerals, and life-rites for everyone seeking a greater understanding of the human soul, whereas St. Valentine’s Hall is based in Bute, in the Hebredies in Scotland (www.davidwilliamparry.com). Lastly, Msgr. Parry extends whatever support this community can offer to the homeless, vulnerable individuals, local veterans as well as the elderly to testify to Gospel values of love and wisdom.

Msgr David William ParryDavid Parry's ministry to the Persian Christians

Msgr. David's certificate of incardination is here.