Old Catholic Apostolic Church

The Order of St Pheobe

One of the aims of Order of St Pheobe is to follow Pheobe's model for life. The aim of the order is to reinforce upon the ordained, both logically and spiritually, the duties delegated to them and accepted by them at ordination, such that their behavior may benefit those around them. There are neither dues nor vows of poverty, chastity, nor obedience, other than compliance with OCAC Canon Law.

When Subdeacons or Deacons are serving in isolation or distantly from a Priest, the frequent recitation
of any one of the Divine Office prayer services is strongly encouraged.

St. Paul, writing in Romans 16:1-2, recognized both her leadership and service.
The Order of St. Pheobe (OSP) is open to all Subdeacons and Deacons of the Old Catholic Apostolic
Church and associated churches via the Independent Liberal Catholic Fellowship.

Should you be interested in finding out about joining the order, please click here.

Deed of Establishment of OSP

OSP Prior: Rev Arthur (Marti) Martinson OSP