Old Catholic Apostolic Church
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This diocese comes directly under the Patriarch. We have missions and journeys to Jerusalem as often as we can usually once per year. Many of our people make pilgrimages to the Holy Land, so we have contacts and people we call upon to help when needed. Our representative in Jerusalem is Issa Lubbatt, who is in minor orders.
Issa Lubbatt, minor cleric in JerusalemTo contact OCAC in the holy Land, please send an email to our church office in the UK, click here.

Pilgrimage to Jerusalem Western Wall, Jerusalem The Golden Gate, Jerusalem; Lift up your heads O ye gates, that the king of Glory may come in! St Peter's Jerusalem Via Dolorosa Garden Tomb Issa Lubbatt, minor cleric in Jerusalem

Ordinary ad tempus +Adrian.
Chaplain: Issa Lubbatt.
We invite enquiries from suitable people of all levels to serve in our Diocese of the Holy Land. Please email your enquiries to liberalcatholicsuk@gmail.com