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Bishop Joel Dooley OCAC CanadaOur work in Canada is undergoing an exciting and vibrant time. With a new bishop,  Rt. Revd. Joel Dooley who was consecrated in the UK for our church in Canada there is much that is being done, and interest in our serving is high. OCAC Canada works across the whole of Canada, but is centered in Victoria, British Columbia. There is mission outreach, and prayer groups, worship and homeless befriending. One such ministry is 'Back to Basics' Church which does exactly what it says 'on the tin!'

Rt. Revd. Joel Dooley Bishop for Canada

Bonnie Tateham - OCAC CanadaRevd. Bonnie Tateham Deacon OCAC CanadaRev. Bonnie Judith Ellen Tateham is our Dean of prayer the diocese and Pastor of the Victoria, B.C., Canada Church.  The Diocese has what called as "Back to Basics" Churches.  Bonnie has a long history of serving the Lord.  She is also an assessing  Nurse for Island health.  With her knowledge in Nursing and Ministry, she helps meany with her skills.  She connects the Catholic side of our faith with the Apostolic quite nicely, being quite Apostolic herself.  We value her input and experience.

Revd. Bernatchez - OCAC CanadaRev. Lionel Marcel Bernatchez is our Diocese Prayer and listening Deacon.  He is fluent in French and performs the Liturgy in French most times he says it.  He also helps the local Hospital Chaplain in Campbellton, New Brunswick, Canada.  He also anoints and prays for the sick in the Hospital.  Doing visitation and helps.  Lionel comes with a wealth of knowledge in Theology.  His love for relics and statues devoted to our Lord, His mother, and the Saints is admirable. We see him connecting with people in English and French.

Revd. Fr. Hillary Marcus, Back to Basics Church, OCACFather Hillary Marcus OCAC Back to Basics ChurchRev. Fr. Hillary Marcus is our Priest of "Back to Basic Church" in Zimbabwe.  His love for the Word of God and tradition brings worship to God and strength to others.  His desire to follow the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in his helping people around is noted. He also brings love to his work with care.   We are happy to have him with us.

Revd. Balla Raju - OCAC IndiaRev. Fr. Balla Raju is our head for our India "Back to Basic Churches." He is to be ordained a Bishop, and will lead the churches there.  He uses the Roman rite in his mass.  His calling is to lead his people into an understanding of Old Catholic and Apostolic tradition.  Giving everyone a chance to worship freely the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  He has been a Priest in the United States, and has come back to India to fulfill his dream.  We are happy to have him.

Revd. Shahanur Rahman, priest OCAC CanadaRev. Shahanur Rahman is our Pastor of three "Back to Basic Churches" in Bangladesh.  He is full of the Holy Spirit, and the congregations are full of people crying out to God.  His skills in full gifts of faith and teaching are a great attribute.  Our churches there have been under a lot of pressure, yet they all come out with determination to follow God deeper.  Our churches there inspire us all under the direction of a great Pastor.  Praise the Lord.

Revd Chris & Revd. Esther - Back to Basics Church - OCACRev. Chris and Rev. Esther are husband and wife Pastors of our two churches in Monrovia, Liberia.  Esther's love for prayer and revival are amazing and Chris has a great ability to keep the church together under pressure.  Both work together as a team helping our churches overcome great odds.   They have regular revival services, and many are cumming to the Lord. Both have been Pastors for Generations.  They help our Diocese with wisdom and care.

Revd. Syam Babu - Back to Basics Church - OCACEvangelist Syam Babu- OCAC Back to Basics ChurchRev. Syam Babu is our Evangelist and Pastor.  He goes into villages helping people and proclaiming the Gospel.  His main help is to show the Jesus Film, and preach with heart and soul.  He and his wife and intercessors, and pray a lot for us and the work that this done there.  He has just planted a "Back to Basic Church,"and most are new to the Faith.  His hard work and love for the Lord are noted.