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Bishop ad tempus: Bishop Adrian
OCAC Canada is a vibrant, growing dispersed church which enables clergy to exercise ministry as they are called by Christ, but where they live and under the accountability of the church entity.

Revd. Philip Bradley - Episcopal Vicar, OCAC Canada
Vicar General- Very Revd. Fr. Philip Bradley
Fr. Philip is co celebrant at St Brigit's Community Catholic Church.  He is Our Vicar General and help in our Diocese. He has had a long history in service in ministry in Ireland and now in Boat Harbour in Newfoundland. With great insight and knowledge leaning on Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

St Brigits OCAC in Canada web site is here.

Very Revd. Charlene Bradley, Vicar Episcopal OCAC Canada

Vicar Episcopal- Very Revd. Charlene Bradley
Amma Charlene is our Vicar Episcopal.  With history in Human Resources and in Theology, she is well suited for this role.  She lives in Boat Harbour West in Newfoundland and co celebrates at St. Brigit's Community Catholic Church.  She is caring and has a big heart showing love to all people.

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Revd. Fr. Lionel Marcel Bernatchez M.Th.
Lionel Marcel Bernatchez - priest
Lionel Marcel Bernatchez
Lionel graduated from Polyvalente Roland Pepin in 2007 and Concordia university in 2014 with a Bachelor in Theology (with a major in ministry) and in 2021 with a Master's degree in theology (with major in Pastoral Care).

He has worked in the secular alongside his serving during this time to support himself and his ministry. He has been with OCAC since 2017 serving in minor orders and as Acting Deacon during the covid pandemic. He was ordained by Bishop Fagbohun in August 2023.

Fr Lionel Bernatchez and Bishop FagbohunFr Lionel Marcel Bernatchez with people Lionel has assisted Pastoral Care Services since 2017 at the Campbellton regional hospital working alongside the Chaplin of the hospital and in the chapel preparing things for mass as well as visiting patients and giving communion to patients as requested.

In his ministry going forward he will work with Father Seth Ben Archer in the OCAC Order of Mount Carmel which will involve celebrating Mass every day with friends, family and at the hospital and nursing homes nearby.

The Old Catholic Apostolic Church of Canada registered as a not-for-profit corporation Number 1408130-7 with Registered Office in British Columbia and follows the canon law of the main OCAC enitity registered in England and Wales No. 07221223.