Old Catholic Apostolic Church
The Canons Regular of Christ Crucified called 'The Compassionists'

The Compassionists are a religious community following the rule  and charism of St Augustine.  The Holy Rule of St Augustine, as received by the Western Church, is the foundation of common and spiritual life within the Compassionists. It is studied regularly by all Canons Regular and Oblates of the order. They are a dispersed community and when they come together for the sake of their work or prayer, it is called a 'mission'.

The Charism of the Canons Regular of Christ Crucified is the Divine Love and Mercy, known to devotion in both the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Blessed Sacrament, but also in the Most Precious Blood and the Most Holy Name of Jesus. This love, which transcends all human comprehension, sought and seeks the salvation of all mankind. To know this love and to make this love known is the purpose of The Compassionists. Open to members of all denominations, not just OCAC, members may adopt the postnominals of CRCC and can take the habit when they represent the order.

Revd. Fr. Adrian Whelan CRCC Father Prior.

Patron: the Patriarch of OCAC Worldwide.