Cross Denominational Mission
Pastor Maurice Otieno, Kenya

Pastor Maurice Otieno, KenyaPastor Otieno's work in ministry began in 2009 when he was in secondary school. He went to the local Christian Union as a co-ordinator and praise and worship leader. Later he was elected as assistant chairperson, and then by God's grace he was elected as chairperson of that branch of the Christian union in 2014. He has provided fellowship and worship for his fellow students with Praise and singing and dancing as well as door to door evangelism and other Christian work.

Bishop Elaine advised and equipped him in the Pastor's training Course and that enabled him to be a pastor to preach the word of God to this generation. Pastor Maurice would translate when Bishop Elaine was missionary in Chungni preaching in English to the local dialect of Luo language and Swahili. After Elaine returned to United kingdom, Maurice further continued his Christian ministry and he is now serving as youth pastor at the local church.

In the secular he trained in Agriculture at Maseno University as he was sponsored by a benefactor.

Pastor Otieno leading worshipPastor Maurice Otieno leading worshipPastor Maurice Otieno with Bishop Peter Odiambo

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