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The Benedictine Order of The Holy Spirit

Benedictine Order of the Holy Spirit LogoThe aims of the Order are to promote Benedictine spirituality in everyday life, and to provide a framework for members and others to support each other in putting Benedictine core values into practice in contemporary, secular life.

“Prefer nothing to the love of Christ,” says our holy Father Benedict.
Benedict produced a detailed Rule for his monasteries in the early sixth century, known as the Rule of St Benedict. While suitable for monastic life, it is not suitable for Benedictines living in the contemporary world.
The purpose of this Rule is to provide a short and simple framework, taking the spirit and core values of the Rule of St Benedict and making them more relevant to life today outside the cloister.
It is one of the two Rules which every member of the Order promises at their admission to the Order to keep to the best of their ability. The other is their own personal Rule of Life, which builds on this Rule and shapes how the Benedictine charism plays out for each of us in our daily lives.

Benedictine spirituality is built on several core values. That number, and indeed the core values themselves, will depend on who one asks, and there is no canonical number or list.

The objectives of the Order are to help members to draw up, and live by, their own Rule of Life; to encourage and enable members and others to pray regularly using a suitable system of structured daily prayer; to offer mutual spiritual and practical support with the vagaries of life; and to love one another as Christ has loved us.


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Deed & Constitution of the Order - OHS

OHS Abbot: Revd. Fr. David Goode OHS, MA (Cantab), FRSA.