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The OCAC diocese of Asia is an extention of the World diocese, and brings our work into the Asia-Pacific region and gives representation into several countries in that region. The work in this diocese also includes the South Pacific and Oceana nations.

Revd. Rex Thomas OSFC - Deacon in Oceana
Revd. Rex Thomas, VanuatuRex joined OCAC by incardination and has served in the religous order: 'The Marist Brothers'. Leading and establishing our work in Vanuatu, he is part of OCAC's Order of Saints Francis and Clare and serves there in growing ecumenical contacts and bringing Christ to that island nation.

Fr. Hilary Adoson B.Th. M.Th. Priest in Indonesia
Fr Hilary Adoson in IndonesiaHilary Adoson is married and serves in Sidoarjo, a suburb of Surabaya. Fr Hilary leads a workers chaplaincy and members of his group mostly work as drivers, domestic helpers, street vendors, factory workers. He brings Jesus to the people

Revd. Overseer Malachi Galing in Philippines

Catholic Pentecostal Rock ChapelCatholic Pentecostal Rock Chapel
Pastor Bishop Malachi Galing, OverseerCatholic Pentecostal Rock Chapel Fellowship Tagum City is led by Pastor Bishop Malachi Galing; bringing the gospel to catholic and pentecostal alike, the fellowship has tailored its work to suit the circumstances in their part of the Philippines.

The work is directly under OCAC's worldwide mission and Rev Malachi and his members were part of an evangelical group, but sought to serve under OCAC as they felt more able to work with us. The fellowship hope to establish an OCAC branch registered there, and in the meantime come under the spiritual care of the worldwide church registered in England and Wales. Catholic Pentecostal Rock Chapel
Regular worship and Bible Classes, along with church groups are held, and Revd Malachi and the people of Rock Chapel welcome anyone from Tagum City to their church. OCAC Catholic Pentecostal Rock Chapel, Doctolero Avenue, Tagum City 8100 Mindanao, Philippines.

Melinda Constantino in Philippines

Melinda Constantino
Melinda is one of our representatives in the Philippines. Working at the University of the East, and having studied at Our Mother of Perpetual Succour Academy in Torrijos, she serves in the churches in Manilla, bringing Jesus into the ordinary world in a very special way. Her work for us is as a friend of OCAC and representative. Melinda Constantino, Manila, Philippines Old Catholic Apostolic Church.

Alexander Jack - Deacon in Philippines

OCAC East Asia
Alexander joined OCAC by incardination at Easter 2020. Alexander is married and has been a verger in the Church of England. He has a degree in Theology and has experience of Christian Counselling. In the secular he is a Maths teacher. He incardinated in minor orders as Reader, from his previous church and was raised to Deacon in 2020. He serves in East Asia since moving there from Southern England.

Ashik Mondol - Evangelist in Bangladesh

Evangelist & Pastor Ashik Mondol
Ashik is an Evangelist and Pastor serving with OCAC. His ministry is called 'Jesus Loves' Ministries and he is also a local principal of a Bible School. Serving in Dhaka, Bangladesh and working to bring Christ to the people, he was part of the Roman Catholic Church prior to incardinating into OCAC.