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The African continent is administered as a region from the OCAC Worldwide church in the same way as OCAC North America and OCAC Europe. National OCAC churches and their constituent dioceses and parishes have identical authority and respect as our other continents ecclesial arrangements - tailored to their situations and circumstances. The African nations have a wide and diverse range of nations and legal differences, and each of our African national representative churches works within their frameworks and contexts. To serve OCAC Africa as she grows, our Patriarch has appointed Regional Bishops, National Bishops, and set up church frameworks in the African regions and nations to serve Our Lord through the worldwide Old Catholic Apostolic Church to lead the work in that most wonderful Christian continent: Africa.
OCAC AfricaOCAC AfricaOCAC Africa 


CAC Angola
Bishop: Bishop Adrian ad tempus

Benin Republic

OCAC Benin
(Apostolic Administrator): Msgr. Dieu-Donne Agbon, Cotonou, Benin OCAC Cameroun & Benin


OCAC Botswana
This work is based on the Apostolic Faith.
Bishop: Bishop Adrian.

OCAC Cameroun
Bishop: Bishop Adrian.
Apostolic Administrator Msgr Dieu-Donne Agbon.

OCAC Congo
Serves both the Republic of Congo & the Democratic Republic of Congo
Bishop: Bishop Adrian ad tempus

OCAC Ghana
Bishop: Rt Revd. Emmanuel K. MensahBishop Stephen Afari Antwi - in charge of Maduma Diocese.
Bishop Kwaku Owusu - in charge of Nketia Asuofua Diocese.
Bishop Hamidu Adamu - in charge of Ejisu Diocese.
Bishop Sampson Akwasi Amankwah of the Cross Denominational Mission.

Bishop Emmanuel is the senior bishop in Ghana and is in charge of the archdiocese of Oseikrom St John. Serving in Ghana, he leads a large network of OCAC dioceses, parishes and churches in Ghana, in addition to his African continent outreach. Working in collaboration with our other African bishops he brings the understanding and charism that distinguishes the deep faith of African people into our worldwide church.
There are many OCAC parishes and churches in Ghana, click here.

Revd. Fr. James Obafemi Otitoola
serves OCAC bi-vocationally as well as the Orthodox African Church

OCAC Kenya
Cross Denominational Mission: The Revd. Elaine Waterfield Amma Elaine served as Missionary in Nya Siguni, Kenya, helping to build churches, strengthen communities and enable the community to build clinics and schools. She was appointed Bishop of CDM in Hayling Island, UK, by Bishop Roger Crosthwaite in 2018.

To see the missions and outreach of CDM: click here

The King of Love Ministries International (OCAC)
Bishop: Margaret Kavuu Martin, Nairobi, Kenya & Southampton UK.

To see parishes of the King Of Love Ministries International in Kenya: click here.

Kikuyu, Kenya
Revd Deacon Samuel Mburu Sarara Christian Mission
Pastor: Revd Omaga Onkundi
St Andrews Church
Priest in Charge: Rev. Fr. Isaac Newton Omwobo

Living Hope Restoration Ministries
Pastor in Charge: Revd. Evans Mosetti. Other clergy: Revd Deacon Emily Mosetti

Mission of the Sacred Blood
Deacon in charge: Revd Alfred AyukPastor Joe Nyabuto
Pastor in Charge: Revd Pastor Joe Nyabuto

OCAC Malawi
Bishop: Bishop Adrian ad tempus
Michael Makaka is our  contact in Malawi

OCAC Mozambique
Bishop: Bishop Adrian

OCAC Namibia
Bishop: Bishop Adrian ad tempus

OCAC Nigeria
Bishop: Bishop Raphael Fagbohun. OCAC Principal Bishop for the time being in Africa.
Rt. Revd. Fr. Peter Ulofu, Assistant Bishop to +Fagbohun.
Revd. Fr Morris U. Ikeolu, Director of Administration

OCAC Nigeria is perhaps the largest OCAC church in Africa and has many dioceses and parishes as well as church schools and colleges. To see them click here. Led by Bishop Fagbohun and assisted by Bishop Ulofu, OCAC Nigeria brings the Gospel and salvation in Jesus to tens of thousands of OCAC adherents.

OCAC Senegal
Bishop: Bishop Adrian ad tempus

Sierra Leone
OCAC Sierra Leone
Bishop: Bishop Adrian ad tempus

South Africa
OCAC South Africa
Bishop: Bishop Patrick Khumalo
There is a significant presence of OCAC in South Africa as many clergy from another church incardinated (which means joined) and became OCAC en masse. There are missions, outreaches and charismatic evangelism across SA as a result.

OCAC Uganda
Fr Charles Barongo leads our work in Uganda with several congregations and clergy.
Bishop: Bishop Roger Crosthwaite
OCAC Uganda

OCAC Zambia This work is based on the Apostolic Faith. Bishop: Bishop Adrian.